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Scangrip FLASH 300
Sturdy and powerful 300 lumen flashlight with boost mode
Fire retardant sleeve
Arm sleeves made ​​of flame retardant cotton, the arm sleeves stays in place using elastics...
CA-28 Euromaski welding helmet 3+8 DIN
Euromaski is an ergonomic welding mask thanks to its unique design and construction. It is light...
CleanAIR Basic EVO fan unitO8100
Features & Benefits
CleanAIR® AerGO® fan unitO3000
The unit is provided with a control system of constant air flow and an advanced electronic system...
Heat resistant fire gloveP3944
Kevlar® / paraaramid - protective glove, yellow, with cotton
welding cushion split leatherR4200
Welding Cushion in split leather
Scangrip NOVA RG2360
Featuring the latest and unique COB LED technology, the NOVA R provides extremely high light...
3M Peltor WS Alert XPN3685H
3M Peltor WS Alert XP in brief
Scangrip MAG PEN 3G2348
The new generation MAG PEN 3 is the enhanced version of Scangrips bestselling MAG PEN 2 (03.5108)...
3M Peltor WS Alert XPIN3823H
Key Features
3M Peltor WS Alert XPI HeadbandN3823
Key Features
Scangrip FLEX 2G2357
Rechargeable LED work light and torch in one
3M Peltor WorkTunes ProN3812
3M PELTOR Work Tunes Pro hearing protector
Wrap-A-Round 9' (2,74M)G2261
Economical tool for marking straight lines around pipe, or for use of a straight edge. Made out...
Welding Helmet WH20 Aspire ESL8049
Welding helmet Jackson WH20 ASPIRE ES
WH30 ALBATROSS PAPR Welding HelmetL5033
• Combined welding and grinding solution
Welding Helmet WH30 ALBATROSSL5032
• Combined welding and grinding solution
WH50 Multiview PAPR Welding HelmetL5023
Product Features - Helmet WH50
Welding blanket Novabest 2 x 3 m 550 °CI2671
Weight gr/m² 1000 gr +/-5%
Only available in Swedish language!D1893
3M Peltor LiteCom Plus 433 Mhz LPD HeadbandN3695
With the 3M ™ Peltor ™ LiteCom series a new world opens up, full of communication. Do not let the...
SP-54 TC Telescope mirror setG2404
SP-54 TC telescopic mirror.
Aluminium masking tape 25mm x 45m without paper stripG3055
Infrared Thermometer IRT-16G2246
The Tempil IRT-16 Infrared Thermometer is the industry’s most advanced, non-contact, infrared...
Markal Stylmark® yellowG2214
Markal Stylmark is a metal-ball tip marker for marking most surfaces. The aluminum squeeze tube...
Markal Valve Action® whiteG2430
Valve Action is a fast-drying liquid paint marker that provides long-lasting, wear- and...
Markal Valve Action® yellowG2431
Valve Action is a fast-drying liquid paint marker that provides long-lasting, wear- and...