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Face shield Perfo nova

Face shield Perfo nova

All duty face protection with ratched adjustable browguard and headband. Flip-up faceshield .Designed for all industrial applications. Fitted with a large 21 cm visor.

Browguard – Black polycarbonate .
Visor – Polycarbonate.

Impact resistance – 6mm steel ball at 120m/s.
Visible light transmission – 92% minimum
UV absorption – 99,5% up to 365nm. Heat resistance – up to 125°C. Chemical resistance – protects against splashes of liquids and liquid sprays; materials resistant to numerous solvents, acids and alkalis. Resistant to adherence hot solid and molten metal penetration in accordance with EN166. (100gr. – 7sec – 1450°C.)

Protects against impacts from flying particles of medium energy, hot solid penetration, liquid splashes and crop sprays all in accordance with cited standards.

Weight: 315 gram
Standards: EN166 2.3.B9

Individual packed in polythene bags in boxes of 20